ImageFX: Google’s AI tool for generating images

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Create Images Easily with ImageFX

The world of AI image creation is enriched with ImageFX, a platform powered by Imagen 2, the latest text-to-image conversion model from Google DeepMind.

Simple and accessible, Google designed ImageFX so that everyone can express their creativity without needing special technical skills. By simply entering a text description, you can get surprising, realistic, or fantastic images, whatever you want.

This simplicity opens the door to infinite possibilities, from artistic creations to visuals for social networks and websites, including illustrations for more personal or professional projects.

Google Adopts Security Measures for AI-Generated Images

Google understands the ethical issues and potential risks linked to AI-generated images. That’s why ImageFX incorporates advanced security measures to prevent abuse.

The platform uses algorithms to filter requests and prevent the creation of images that may contain inappropriate or sensitive content. Additionally, Google imposes strict restrictions to prevent the generation of images of public figures without their consent, thereby reducing the risks of misinformation or privacy violations.

ImageFX dallefree

To further enhance security and transparency, all images produced by ImageFX are tagged with SynthID, an innovation from Google DeepMind. SynthID inserts a digital watermark into generated images, imperceptible to the naked eye but detectable for identification. This watermark ensures increased traceability and accountability, allowing easy identification of AI-generated images.

Each image output from ImageFX is accompanied by IPTC metadata, providing users with additional information about the visuals they encounter. This metadata enriches the user experience by providing context around AI-generated images.

In short, these safeguards are essential to ensure responsible use of AI while respecting individuals and society.

So, What is This AI Image Generator Worth?

As with all tools that create images with the help of artificial intelligence, using ImageFX takes some practice. To get exactly what you want, you have to learn to formulate your requests well, which we call “prompts.”

These prompts are the written instructions you give to ImageFX to create an image. Basically, the better you become at explaining what you want, the better images you produce.

The quality of images made with ImageFX is generally very good, but it is not always perfect. Some images may have small defects or not correspond exactly to what we had in mind. However, with a little patience and testing, very good results are often achieved. To say that ImageFX is better than Midjourney, I don’t think so.

Every AI tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and a lot depends on what you’re looking to create.

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Available Yes, But Not for Everyone

At the time of writing, ImageFX is only available to users in the United States, New Zealand, Kenya, and Australia. Google has not given any additional information on a possible release in Europe.

However, for the more impatient among you, it is still possible to test ImageFX, even if it is not available in Europe. To do this, you must use a VPN, which will allow you to bypass this geographical restriction.